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Welcome to Bleeding Image
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The main objective here at Bleeding Image is to offer potential clients the freedom to explore ideas with the artist one on one in hopes to create desired custom artwork that will not only compliment ones figure but to match and exceed their expectations.” We are a tattoo shop located in Astoria Queens.

-Lisa Niko

We specialize in Tattoos, Piercings,  Cover-ups, & more

Monday-Saturday 2PM-9PM

Closed on Sundays


2013 Award Winner - Queens

Bleeding image Award winner tatoo 2013


Bleeding imageI enjoy tattooing Color New School, Realism (color or black n' gray),  Portraits and Lettering. I am open to different styles and ideas for tattoos, feel free to ask me with these things in mind...

-What I won't tattoo:
Tribal, Celtic, Flags and Dragons
This is not my style, I do not enjoy doing this type of work because it compromises my style as an artist. I alone can only perfect and specialize in so many styles, other tattoo artist at my shop are more appropriate for this type of work and I highly recommend them.

-Tattoo Prices and Estimates:
I charge $150 an hour, I begin charging as soon as I start tattooing. Keep in mind that I work fast for the most part so do not underestimate what I can handle in an hour.

-Before you come in to get a tattoo, make sure you are fully rested, haven't been drinking alcohol since the night before, and ate a full meal within the past 4 hours. This is necessary so that there is no excessive bleeding (which can cause ink loss and you will have to pay for your tattoo again), also for there to be no need to break/delay the tattooing process, this is necessary for client to retain normal blood sugar levels until the tattoo is completed.

-Large work like sleeves, rib panels, and full back pieces can take hours to complete and is never completed in one session.

-Custom work usually requires an in-person consultation (I need to see the area of the body of which the tattoo will be going, as well as design/reference discussion), a $50 minimum non-refundable deposit for drawing time preparation and design due-date/appointment booking.  So be sure to inform me  in advance. Since tattoos are permanent, it is also a good idea to bring up any and all of your future tattoo ideas during your consultation this way every step is taken to your likeness.

There is no refunds for deposits due to an appointment cancellation.
If you reschedule at minimum of 24hours prior to your appointment, you will not loose your deposit.

-Artwork never leaves the shop, no copies, emails or exceptions.

-Touch ups are complimentary for up to 2 months after getting the tattoo, usually it is only a small area of the tattoo, not the entire piece. A touch up is only considered by the tattoo artist who did it who can tell if it's the client's fault for not following tattoo aftercare instructions, in this case it is not complimentary and client is expected to pay for the amount of time it will require to restore the tattoo. Remember new tattoos are like wounds and require a responsible approach from the moment the bandage is removed. Our tattoo aftercare instructions specify everything necessary for a smooth healing process, failure to follow instructions for any reason is taken at your own risk.


Board of Health Certified

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