How to go about getting a Tattoo:

What is your idea? Or what do you want your tattoo to represent?
Where exactly on your body do you want the tattoo?
What are the dimensions of the area to be worked with?
Do you have any reference photos?
Please refer to any details that you really like about the idea that you want to bring out in your tattoo.
If necessary please let me know if you like any specific work I’ve done that you want me to keep in mind while working on you.

Before coming in for your tattoo appointment:

  Be well rested
  No alcohol within past 24 hours
  Eat a full meal right before you come in (this ensures stable blood sugar levels throughout the process, failure to do so causes extreme pain and/or fainting)
◆  Women are strongly advised not to endure tattooing with PMS or while menstruating

While getting tattooed:

Means of communication are important so please remain patient and courteous to your tattoo artist.
Being a positive client ensures a positive experience.
Be advised that coming in for your appointment with other people that want to get tattooed will only make the process much longer then anticipated.
Avoid distractions while getting tattooed! (For example: phone calls, friends, family members, etc) Distracting your tattoo artist can be permanently dangerous for both you and your tattoo artist.  Being alone helps you to focus on relaxing and keeps clear, positive communication with your artist, where as having certain others involved might end up confusing the teamwork and setting a negative atmosphere by mistake.

After getting tattooed:

Follow the provided written aftercare instructions
Purchase the necessary products to treat your tattoo and help it heal the way it’s suppose to.


*Must walk-in or send photos via email to inquire price estimates.

NYC DOH Certified


                   ~UNDER NEW YORK STATE LAW 17-360~